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Hans F. Sennholz Publications

Inflation or Gold Standard
A 1973 Bramble Minibook
An eloquent plea for the freedom to own gold, which contributed to the restoration of freedom of U.S. citizens to own gold as of January 1, 1975.
Pocket size (paperback) 64 p.
Order for: $2.95

Death and Taxes
A 1976 publication by The Heritage Foundation
Second revised edition in 1983 by Libertarian Press

An essay contributing significantly to the October 4, 1976 Tax Reform Act which made major changes in the taxing of gifts and estates, the first adjustments in over 30 years.
(Paperback) 105 p.
Order for: $6.95

Age of Inflation
A 1977 monograph by Western Islands
Second printing in 1979; also available in Spanish titled Tiempos de inflation

A timely monograph on the evils of inflation which was about to reach double-digit proportions in the United States. It deals with doctrines and theories that cause the inflation and produce much evil, and sounds the alarm that the American economy is not depression-proof.
(Paperback) 207 p.
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Money and Freedom
A 1985 monograph by Libertarian Press
Also available in Spanish titled Moneda y libertad and in Polish titled Pieniadze I Wolnosc

An essay on the loss of freedom in matters of money and banking. It calls for no reform legislation, no legal tender laws, no parity law, not even a gold standard. It demands freedom which springs eternal in the heart of man.
(Paperback) 88 p.
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The Politics of Unemployment
A 1987 monograph on the political barriers to employment by Libertarian Press
The leitmotif of the book is the responsibility of each and every individual for his employment and unemployment. The greatness of any society is its ethos of work and its greatest danger the breakdown of that ethos. In the United States, false notions and beliefs are eroding the ethos and breeding unemployment.
(Hardcover) 356 p.
Order for: $21.95

Debts and Deficits
A 1987 monograph on the immorality of the politics of deficit spending
The monograph raises the voice of reason and morality against the chorus of transfer politicians and their beneficiaries. It also prescribes the proper reforms that would restore fiscal integrity and solvency.
(Paperback) 189 p.
Order for: $8.95

The Great Depression; Will We Repeat It?
A 1988 essay on the economic history of the United States since the roaring 1920s
The federal government only has one prescription for whatever ails the economy: print money and run deficits. It all points toward more inflation and deep depression.
(Paperback 8½" x 3¾") 46 p.
Order for: $4.95

Economic Commandments
A 1990 essay on the Judeo-Christian code of morality
Addressing the religious right in the United States, it asks the questions: why and when is an economic act called "good" or "bad," "right" or "wrong." What is virtue in economic life?
(Paperback 8½" x 3¾") 47 p.
Order for: $4.95

The Savings and Loan Bailout
A 1991 essay on the rescue of the industry
The monograph addresses the rescue by the Bush Administration which merely rearranged the chairs on the deck of the regulation cruiser.
(Paperback 8½" x 3¾") 57 p.
Order for: $4.95

The First Eighty Years of Grove City College
A 1993 monograph on the early history of a great college
The only interpretive history about a 123-old college which is the splendid entrepreneurial monument of two father-and-son teams: the Ketlers and the Pews.
(Paperback) 64 p.
Order for: $6.95

Reflection and Remembrance
A 1997 Anthology of Notes from FEE
A collection of 54 short articles of 1000 words each which appeared in the centerfold of The Freeman magazine when the author was at its helm. They range from "first principles" to "education and indoctrination" and "the poverty of politics."
(Paperback) 256 p.
Order for: $14.95

A Festschrift
Compiled in honor of Professor Sennholz
Presented on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, the anthology consists of essays and articles by thirty-six of his colleagues and friends, among them: Clarence B. Carson, Israel Kirzner, Gary North, Mark Skousen, and Rousas John Rushdoony.
(Hardcover) 571 p.
Order for: $30.00

Mary Sennholz Books

On Freedom and Free Enterprise
Essays in Honor of Ludwig von Mises
A superb collection of original essays by nineteen noted scholars from six nations in honor of Ludwig von Mises, edited by Mary Sennholz.
(Paperback) 333 p.
Order for: $15.95


Leonard E. Read, Philosopher of Freedom
The life story of the illustrious founder of The Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.
249 p.
Order Paperback for: $14.95


Faith and Freedom
A Biographical Sketch of J. Howard Pew
The life story of the builder of Sun Oil Company and of Grove City College.
(Hardcover) 179 p.
Order for: $9.95

Faith of Our Fathers
A 1997 anthology of twenty-seven Freeman essays and articles explaining the greatness of America. Building on their religious convictions, the founders assured their descendants the protection of their God-given natural rights.
(Paperback) 394 p.
Order for: $19.95

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